Get ready to work smarter, not harder with ProLiant’s payroll and HR automation.

Transform your HR processes with ProLiant’s cutting-edge automation software, designed to optimize efficiency and streamline operations. By utilizing ProLiant’s automation software you can eliminate tedious, manual tasks and focus on what truly matters - your people.

Streamline Processes, Reduce Errors, and Increase Productivity With ProLiant’s Automation

The advantages of incorporating ProLiant’s automation into your business operations, from reducing expenses to boosting efficiency, are unquestionable.



Improved Employee

Why You Need ProLiant’s Automation Capabilities

Your HR technology should operate seamlessly like a well-oiled machine. If any part of the system struggles, it can impact the entire process. With the help of ProLiant’s automation, you can ensure that your HR technology is functioning at its best, allowing your HR experts to dedicate more time to enhancing HR processes that require a human touch, such as employee engagement and performance review discussions.


Check Out How Our Automation Helps Your Business!

Increase Efficiency & Productivity
Improved Accuracy
Reduced Costs

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

ProLiant’s HR automation software offers a solution for human resources departments to streamline and accelerate time-consuming manual processes, including:

  • Applicant Tracking Screening
  • Updating timesheets
  • Employee onboarding 
  • Payroll processing

Improved Accuracy

Automated HR processes help reduce the chances of human error, leading to enhanced payroll processing and increased accuracy of data, including:

  • Tax calculations
  • Compliance matters
  • Employee salary calculations
  • Employee PTO requests

Reduced Costs

The key question here is, "How can ProLiant's automation software help us cut costs?" Our automation reduces costs through these simple measures:

  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks
  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Increase employee productivity

Our Reviews Say it All


"Fantastic. Everyone who has worked with our staff was hospitable, welcoming, and professional. Response to the very few issues we encountered was swift and accurate."

Patti M.
Non-Profit Organization Management, 51-200 employees


"We are starting our 7th year with ProLiant and have been very happy with the services provided. Our previous payroll company presented a few challenges which ProLiant has been able to assist with solving those challenges."

Karen S.
Construction, 51-200 employees


"Conversion from our previous payroll provider was seamless and efficient. The number one thing I like about ProLiant is the customer service we receive."

Kellie V.
Hospital & Health Care, 11-50 employees


"Customer Service and a user friendly system with ProLiant made the decision to switch an easy choice to make."

Veronica O.
Non-Profit Organization Management, 51-200 employees

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