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Applicant Tracking & Recruitment

Never miss out on Rockstar talent again.

We provide the best candidate experience you can buy.

Our flexible job application builder, modern interface, and texting capabilities give your applicants the experience they deserve and gives you a competitive edge to win the war for talent.


With Proliant by your side, you can:

Quickly place job requisitions on multiple job boards with one simple click

Analyze which job postings, on which job boards, are performing best

Pre-screen multiple applicants and remove all the paper shuffling and manual work


Finding the right people just got easier.

Reduce the time-to-hire and create a workforce of top talent. Recruiters and hiring managers can collaborate easily through our powerful applicant tracking system to find and attract qualified talent.

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We provide the best candidate experience you can buy.

Streamline talent management

Monitor candidates as they move through the screening and eligibility process.

Expand your applicant pool

Automatically post jobs on your company website and leading job boards.

Schedule interviews easily

No more back and forth emails. Candidates can select the interview times that work best for them.

Optimize workflows

Use talent scorecards to measure interview results consistently across your team.

Simplify background checks

Use the one-click background check feature to easily vet your next hires.

Anywhere / anytime access

Candidates can search jobs and complete their application from any mobile device.


"Our account manager has helped me out whenever I need support with using our applicant tracking. I couldn’t be happier than we are with Proliant."

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