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Electronic Onboarding. Take Your New Hire Packet Online.

Electronic I-9's and E-Verify are built-in to save time and reduce risk.



Onboarding no longer has to be a paper-based nuisance.

Our Onboarding system captures employee information at the point-of-hire and eliminates redundancy for you and your employees.  When forms are automated online, new hires can be prompted through the process so they make fewer mistakes. HR won’t have to chase down missing signatures or go through each form with every employee to explain what goes in each field. Time saving can be immense.

Stay  Compliant

Our I-9 wizard collects the employee information needed to properly complete the document while avoiding common errors in the process, and it complies with the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

For employers requiring E-Verify, employment eligibility is determined instantly in the final stage of the Onboarding process. Federal document photo matching and a step-by-step guide for resolving tentative non-confirmations help to ensure compliance no matter.

Streamline Operations

Manage all onboarding documents and forms in one convenient location:

  • Form W-4
  • State-specific withholding forms
  • Policy documents (Handbook, non-disclosure, etc.)
  • Custom forms and documents
  • Notice of Coverage Options (exchange notice)
  • WOTC Form 8850




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