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Upskilling with LMS 2

Employee Upskilling 101

Upskilling is a recruitment and retention strategy companies cannot afford to overlook. Organizations that implement continued training and skills development for their employees are more likely to attract applicants and build employee loyalty.

Use this checklist in your upskilling process to help attract the talent you need and keep them around for years to come. 

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Why Upskilling is Vital to Recruitment and Retention

According to the results highlighted in a recent Gallup Report by Amazon, organizations that implement continued training and upskill development for their employees are more likely to attract applicants and build employee loyalty. Of the workers surveyed:


believe employer-provided upskilling is very important when evaluating a potential new job.


say job training and development increased job satisfaction.


say upskilling opportunities are an important reason to stay at a job.


Upskilling with Learning Management Systems 

It’s clear that businesses providing skills training for their employees will find it easier to recruit and grow in the near future. 

Learning management systems (LMS) provide the means for employers to deliver educational courses or training programs while providing tools for tracking and documenting progress.

In addition to helping employees upskill, an LMS can help ensure employees are up-to-date on relevant legislation, regulations, or policies applicable to their position or industry.

Proliant’s LMS has thousands of pre-developed courses that cover a wide variety of industries.

Essential features of Proliant’s LMS include:

  • Stay compliant with governmental requirements & IRS rules thanks to auto-updating
  • Greatly reduce compliance risk
  • Increase information security
  • Ensure new hires complete tasks on time, everytime
  • Stay up to date on relevant tax rates & recommended changes
  • Verify employee handbook acknowledgment