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Helping You Control the Cost of Labor.

Time and Labor Services that help you establish employee best practices.


Time & Labor

Time and labor...  For many small to medium businesses, it's the largest cost of doing business.  Having an efficient and productive workforce is essential to maintaing a healthy bottom line. 

Proliant's  Time & Labor Services dashboard provides real-time analytics and reporting to help supervisors, payroll managers,  and HR staff control overtime hours and improve employee attendance habits.    


  • Graphical dashboard gauges communicate labor information instantly across your organization.
  • Payroll monitoring give real-time statistics delivered to each user's dashboard
  • Control overtime and stay within budget by automating departmental transfers and comparing actual, scheduled, and budgeted labor costs.
  • Direct access timecards.


  • View, create, and change schedules for single employees and/or groups by the day, week, month, or customized time period.
  • Create ongoing, repeating schedule patterns for employees who regularly work the same hours. Schedule an employee once, and never worry about it again.
  • When an employee is assigned to a schedule, the system automatically compares it to worked hours, identifying employees who are tardy, leave early, take long lunches, or are absent.


  • Instance-driven, scheduled, and standard reports
  • Approaching overtime
  • Hours summary
  • Department detail
  • Exceptions (tardy, missed punch, left early, etc.)



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