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" Proliant’s software is more of a Human Resource tool. Implementation is minimal, and they could adapt the software to meet all of our needs. Service is efficient and cost effective. They are superior to the other payroll companies out there." 

Andy Sperling

"We have been with Proliant for 14 years. Previously, we were with a national payroll company. What distinguishes Proliant is the level of service. They are truly a notch above the competition."

Dennis Lareau

"I don’t know what your experience with the national payroll companies has been, but at times I felt like I was doing their job. They didn’t have one person that I could talk with on a continual basis that even knew enough to help me with a situation.

 Proliant has been very good at walking me through their process with a webcast of their software to begin with. They would help me through each payroll processing time for however long I needed them. I particularly like that they keep in contact with me by email and have called me several times to see that everything is going well and if I have questions. When I was doing payroll with other companies, 

Cheryl Cowell
Office Manager

Proliant’s software is a very user friendly system. The employee screens are easy to navigate, the reports are easy to read and the change logs are very useful.

The service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. They are ready to help right away.

Florrie Moore
Office Manager

"We refer our clients to Proliant. Our clients love them,”

Claudia Straw, CPA
Foelgner, Ronz, and Straw, CPA’s

"We have been working with and referring clients to Proliant since 2002. Proliant has been responsive to our client’s needs, which in turn helps us to help our clients."

Tim Littler, CPA
Concannon & Miller Co, CPA’s

"Proliant has been working with us for 10 years. Online reporting means less paperwork. Proliant makes it easy for our clients to devote their time to their operations. Proliant is always willing to accommodate special requests. They are always quick to get new or modified reports each month."

Richard Sparkmon & Associates, CPA’s
Tammy Deaton
Carrie Smith

"Easy, efficient, always available for my calls, very helpful."

Bruce Freeman



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