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Uncovering Tax Credits that Save you Money.

Integrates with payroll. Eliminates the need for manual administration.


Tax Credit Services

Tax credits are like gold.  And you don't want to miss any of them which you are entitled to. Unlike deductions and exemptions, which reduce the amount of taxable income, tax credits reduce the actual amount of tax owed.

By helping you identify and claim all of the tax credits available, Proliant helps you lower your effective tax rate and reduce staff time spent searching and determining eligibility for potential tax credits.  

Our tax credit services help you...

  • Identify the eligible credits
  • Obtain information to apply for the credits
  • Complete the numerous forms required to apply for the credits
  • Follow-up with the appropriate government agencies for certification
  • Integrate with payroll
  • Calculate the credit for the company’s tax return

The Most Common Tax Credits

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Federal and State Empowerment Zone Credits
  • Renewal Employment Credits
  • Federal Indian Employment Credits
  • State Point of Hire Credits
  • State Training and Retraining Credits



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