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Responding to client needs then and now

Kevin Clayton, Founder and CEO, recalls that he was called into a meeting with a frustrated client surrounded by stacks of employee records. “We are having all kinds of trouble loading files into our payroll system,” she said. “I know you do a good job. I want you to do our payroll.”

All of a sudden we were in the payroll business. We licensed payroll software and learned how it worked. Within a few days we secured twenty appointments. Now, we have a full suite of workforce management products that integrate the entire HR/payroll function. We have strategically provided solutions in multiple industries including: restaurants, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, dealerships, finance, technology, and others.

How do we maintain 98% retention?

  • Unparalleled knowledge of the payroll compliance industry
  • A foundation built on strong processes, procedures, and values.
  • A great product offering supported by excellent service

Superior customer service

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing the best customer support in our industry. We recognize the benefits of self-service, but we know from experience that customers often want to talk to a live human being when they have a question. Many of our account representatives have been with us for more than a decade. They know payroll compliance inside and out.


“I love my job and the one-on-one interaction with our clients. They can reach out to me with questions anytime. Even if it is something I don’t handle, they know I can direct them to the appropriate person or department."

- Hannah Wilson, Proliant Account Manager

“Personal relationships are a big advantage. Over the years, I have asked about things going on in my clients' lives, and they ask about mine. Whether we talk once a week or once a month, they know they can count of me. We’ve built camaraderie and trust. That’s the part of the job.” 

- Debbie Giacona, Proliant Branch Manager


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