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Gig Workers are Changing How We Look at the Workplace

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  • Different types of gig workers
  • How to find a gig worker for your business
  • How to onboard gig workers
  • What to expect when working with gig workers
  • Tools for working with gig workers

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Why is this ebook important?

As the gig economy continues to gain popularity, it’s safe to say that companies will need to find ways to appeal to gig workers going forward. In order to form lasting relationships and create a pool of valuable gig workers, you will need to learn as much as possible about who is working in the gig economy and how to appeal to their needs and interests.

Download the eBook to learn more about the gig economy and how to delight your gig workers.


The gig economy is here to stay!

Since the financial crisis in 2008, gig work has steadily gained popularity as a means for workers to supplement income, gain independence, or find flexibility. Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, gig work became essential for the millions who became unemployed.

Today, approximately one-third of the U.S. workforce comprises freelancers, contractors, temps, and seasonal workers who choose the flexibility of alternative work arrangements over traditional 9-to-5 jobs.


“Many companies need to recognize that the future of work will revolve more around the gig economy.”

— Entrepreneur

How our ebook helps you

By downloading our ebook, you will learn the challenges HR departments currently face when recruiting top talent and how to overcome those hurdles.

From recruiting to on-demand pay, this ebook will break down the components that are necessary to meeting the expectations of today’s employees. Learn about the current landscape and trends for talent acquisition and management, how employee workplace expectations have changed, and what HR departments need to do to meet those demands. You will also learn about some of the top talent acquisition technologies that are helping HR departments recruit top talent around the globe.

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If you’re ready to learn the perfect recipe to win the game on recruiting and retention, download our ebook today.