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Gamification 101 | Planning & Implementing

What is workplace gamification?

Workplace gamification is a new tool businesses are using to encourage employee productivity and promote job satisfaction. Gamification is being applied to almost anything, including team building, process development, production, employee onboarding, and even recruitment. 

People are seeing some pretty impressive results when adding gamification to their processes. Employees feel happier and more productive in a workplace that implements gamification elements. Unfortunately, many workplace gamification efforts fail due to poor planning and lack of vision, so we’ve put together this gamification worksheet to help businesses create a solid gamification plan.

Download Workplace Gamification Worksheet

Download this gamification planning worksheet to ensure you’re: 

  • Identifying the key issue or area of opportunity
  • Defining the goals and objectives clearly
  • Coming up with clear tasks and steps for participation
  • Tracking progress and measuring outcomes
  • Engaging and motivating your team.

Download Worksheet

More About Gamification in the Workplace 

Adding gamification to the workplace is based on the psychology of what people want to get out of work experiences. According to gamification theories, people are driven by the spirit of competition to improve and outdo.

By adding elements of gaming (points, badges, leaderboards, stories, teammates, avatars, performance graphs), employees are given purpose and have an incentive to engage with their work in a deeper way. In short, workplace gamification encourages employees to complete specific actions or tasks, increasing engagement and productivity.

Examples of gamification:

  • Learning new processes with progress badges
  • Completing tasks through competition with others
  • Team building by working together to solve a puzzle
  • A Jeopardy-style quiz game to test new knowledge

Benefits of Workplace Gamification 

Workplace gamification has many benefits for businesses. It increases profitability and productivity by making work more fulfilling for employees, and companies have seen some significant results:

22% More Profitable

21% More Productive

10% More Customer Satisfaction

40% Increased Retention

(Data sourced from Zippia)

How to Use Gamification in Your Workplace 

Companies like Google and Cisco have seen excellent results using gamification to recruit and train employees, yet other companies have had negative experiences due to poor planning. The difference all comes down to following these simple steps when implementing gamification in your workplace:

  • Explain the benefits and purpose of gamification to employees. 
  • Communicate the goals and expectations
  • Establish criteria for good performance and win conditions
  • Provide badges, medals, or certificates for progress or completion
  • Give detailed feedback and recognize a job well done

Use this gamification worksheet to ensure you have a solid gamification plan and a successful project for your team.

Download Worksheet


Make Implementing Gamification Easier with Solid HR Solutions 

With the right HR and payroll solutions in place, processes become streamlined, allowing managers the bandwidth to implement new tools like gamification. Here are a few solutions that are sure to simplify the process for your teams: 

Learning management systems help educate employees, and many of them allow customization so that you can gamify learning strategies for better outcomes.

HR solutions that streamline processes for data management give teams more time to be productive and improve skills.

Online employee management tools allow managers to give quick feedback, and they can even use such tools for updates and awards for gamified projects.

Proliant provides many solutions that make processes more manageable and reduce administrative tasks so that people can accomplish more in the workplace. 

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Download Workplace Gamification Worksheet