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Employee Appreciation 101: Ways to Recognize Employees

Employee appreciation is about more than saying thank you for a job well done. It’s about improving morale and engagement and building a solid company culture. 

Many businesses struggle with company culture, which can lead to high turnover and poor performance. However, by showing employees you appreciate them through recognition and reward, you are building a foundation that will make it easier for employees to look forward to going to work every day.

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10 Tips for Showing Employee Appreciation

  • Give your employees cards for birthdays and anniversaries or just to say thank you.
  • Offer an employee recognition program that honors outstanding performers with an employee of the month trophy or plaque.
  • Look for new and original ways to have fun with your staff through a company retreat and build a bond through the shared experience.
  • Show employees their path for growth within the company and provide opportunities for further education and training.
  • Offer annual raises and bonuses and assess the individual needs of your employees to fill gaps in your benefits package.
  • Offer hard-working employees or top performers extra vacation days or give them a Friday off as a reward.
  • Shout out to employees on social media when they accomplish something extraordinary.
  • Take your staff out to lunch.
  • Send an email to the team that highlights a job well done and mention star players in big meetings or company addresses
  • Use the Employee Appreciation Calendar to show your gratitude throughout the year.

It’s easy to show employee appreciation if you have the right HR tools.

Learning management systems provide opportunities to invest in the development of your staff.

Benefits elections tools help employees select the best benefits for their unique situations.

Online management tools allow managers to provide feedback, give updates, and offer awards for good performances.

Proliant offers many solutions to streamline processes and reduce administrative tasks so that management can focus on building up their employees. 

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Download the employee appreciation calendar today