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Create a Memorable Employee Experience with Proliant's Onboarding Checklist

Use this PDF checklist that covers the five stages of Employee Onboarding

  • Stage One: Pre-Onboarding
  • Stage Two: Paperwork and Supplies
  • Stage Three: Welcome Wagon
  • Stage Four: Training During Onboarding
  • Stage Five: The Transition

Download The Employee Onboarding Checklist

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is where new hires complete essential forms and gather the necessary information to begin working their first day. During this process, new hires will learn about the organization that hired them.

A great onboarding experience is vital for employee retention because “it is where employers make their first impression and lay the groundwork for the employee experience,” says Natasha Goehring, Proliant onboarding specialist.

There are many strategies for effectively onboarding an employee, but most HR professionals make sure their process includes Four Cs to craft an excellent experience for new hires:

Teach employees policies and regulations.

Explain expectations and details of the job role.

Introduce new hires to day-to-day life in the organization.

Ensure employees know who to contact about the various aspects of their job.

The Employee Onboarding Checklist will help you incorporate the 4 Cs into your onboarding experience and make a fantastic first impression on your new employees. 

Proliant’s Employee Onboarding Solution Simplifies the Entire Process


Proliant’s Employee Onboarding Solution Simplifies the Entire Process

Improve company culture.

Providing an excellent first impression with a personable onboarding solution that provides a glimpse into your company culture, increasing retention.

Reduce cost per hire.

Our cloud-based system removes a lot of the busy-work associated with onboarding, saving your business a ton in administrative work hours and losses.

Stay 100% compliant.

Proliant emphasizes accuracy and compliance in all of our solutions. Our Employee Onboarding solution reduces compliance risks and guarantees compliance.