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On-Demand Pay | Improving Recruitment & Retention with Earned Wage Access

How Proliant’s ReadyPay Today Solution Helps Employers
Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a form of on-demand pay that allows employees access to portions of earned income instead of waiting for payday. Allowing employees access to EWA has proven to positively impact recruiting and retention for employers. 

In a recent study of over 1,000 U.S. workers, 81% said having access to daily earned wages would lead them to taking the position. Additionally, applicants are willing to take, on average, a 13% reduction in pay with this same solution. 

But don’t take our word for it. Learn first-hand how our solution was able to help our client, PepperJax, and their employees in the following case study.

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A Quick Rundown

PepperJax, a fast casual restaurant with 35 locations, was facing two major problems with their payroll system. With Proliant’s on-demand pay solution, ReadyPay Today, PepperJax was able to streamline their payroll system, creating easier calculations for operators while allowing employees better access to earned wages.

What you will learn in this case study:
  • What problems PepperJax was facing with their previous payroll system.
  • How ReadyPay Today was used to streamline tip pool calculations.
  • How ReadyPay Today was able to simplify the payroll process for the company’s operators.

Why is On-Demand Pay Important?

It’s difficult to imagine, but 60% of Americans currently live paycheck to paycheck, and that percentage continues to grow. As unexpected expenses arise, such as home and auto repairs, those waiting on their next paycheck may not have the funds to cover these expenses. 

On-demand pay is a great solution for these employees, allowing early access to their earned wages at any time. Rather than having to wait weeks for a paycheck, they can receive earned wages on any given day, providing them the necessary funds to deal with unexpected expenses.

The numbers speak for themselves

Having an on-demand pay solution leads to:


increase in recruitment


decrease in turnover


increase in employee loyalty


of job seekers are more likely to take open positions

Is ReadyPay Today Right For You?

Providing your employees early access to earned wages will go a long way in helping your employees. But the solution has to work for both employees and employers. ReadyPay Today has a proven track record and key advantages over other on-demand pay solutions.

Employees who have access to early wages tend to be happier and stay longer, saving you 100s of hours of recruitment, training and HR processing time. 

Let’s take a look at those advantages:

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Unlike most 3rd party vendors, ReadyPay Today is built into our solution, creating a seamless integration where all the data is embedded directly into our system.

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Early access to earned wages to employees who have no access to a bank account. According to the Federal Reserve, there are nearly 63 million unbanked or underbanked Americans.

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ReadyPay Today offers a Rapid Paycard where employees pay no fee. If they choose to use a debit card, the fee is only $1. This amounts to much less than most other providers.

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Now, take a moment to imagine how ReadyPay Today can benefit you and your employees.

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