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2022 Year-End Payroll and HR Checklist

During the time of year when most people are preparing for winter vacation and holiday cheer, payroll and HR professionals are gearing up for a harrowing experience that will test even the strongest among them: Year-end processing. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful checklist containing important payroll action items to help your business tie off year-end with a festive bow.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Payroll Year-End Checklist
  • Benefits Year-End Checklist
  • HR Year-End Checklist
  • Compliance and Credits Year-End Checklist
  • Year-End Checklist for Proliant Customers
  • Proliant’s End-to-End Payroll Processing

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Year-End Preparation for Payroll

It’s that time of year again — Time for calculating taxes, deductions, and compensation and ensuring payroll and taxes comply with federal, state, and local regulations. This checklist includes help for preparing payroll for year-end processes.

Year-End Preparation for Payroll

Healthcare Deadlines and ACA Year-End Preparation

Year-end is a time to review healthcare deadlines and filing requirements. In this checklist, we outline what you need to check off to ensure you have the correct forms and notices sent for ACA and more.

Healthcare Deadlines and ACA Year-End Preparation

Year-End for HR and Benefits

Year-end means that HR teams will need to review and update company policies and benefits. This includes modifying summary plan descriptions if there are changes and distributing them to employees. Use this checklist to ensure employees are ready for the new year.

Year-End for HR and Benefits

Proliant is here to help with your year-end processes.

Proliant has helped ensure compliance for thousands of businesses with our end-to-end payroll processing.

Proliant connects payroll and HR data in one place, creating a comprehensive solution that reduces the costs and headaches of managing multiple platforms. Our software streamlines payroll and HR processes and comes with the best service in the industry. Additionally, our payroll and tax experts ensure you are compliant and that you get every tax credit applicable to your business.

Proliant is here to help with your year-end processes.
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Finish your year-end processes off with a breeze, download our checklist today.