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Integrated, Automated and Real-time.

Are you controlling cost of labor, or is it controlling you?


Time & Labor

Time & Labor provides real-time analytics, controls overtime, and improves employee attendance habits. Designed to be used by clients of any size, the application is designed to offer supervisors, payroll managers, HR staff and others a customized employee dashboard based on that person’s responsibility.


  • Graphical dashboard gauges communicate labor information instantly across your organization.
  • Payroll monitoring give real-time statistics delivered to each user's dashboard
  • Control overtime and stay within budget by automating departmental transfers and comparing actual, scheduled, and budgeted labor costs.
  • Direct access timecards.


  • View, create, and change schedules for single employees and/or groups by the day, week, month, or customized time period.
  • Create ongoing, repeating schedule patterns for employees who regularly work the same hours. Schedule an employee once, and never worry about it again.
  • When an employee is assigned to a schedule, the system automatically compares it to worked hours, identifying employees who are tardy, leave early, take long lunches, or are absent.


  • Instance-driven, scheduled, and standard reports
  • Approaching overtime
  • Hours summary
  • Department detail
  • Exceptions (tardy, missed punch, left early, etc.)



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