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Proliant Tax Credit Services

"Tax Credit Service" integrates with payroll to ensure complete employee screening with on demand reporting.


Tax & Compliance

Proliant’s Tax and Compliance services are designed to relieve you of the administrative responsibilities and cumbersome paperwork involved with filings, payments and complex government regulations. Dedicated teams of tax professionals ensure that filings and payments are timely, reconciliations are performed and agency inquiries are handled in an efficient and professional manner.

Payroll Tax Services:

  • Calculate, file, and deposit federal, state and local payroll taxes
  • Prepare and submit payroll tax returns, W2’s and 1099’s
  • Keep abreast of current tax regulations to ensure compliance with calculations and filings
  • Serve as your agent in responding to inquiries from tax agencies

New Hire Reporting Services:

  • Produce new hire information to stay in compliance with federal and state regulations
  • File new hire reports with agencies
  • Respond to agency inquiries on your behalf

Wage Garnishment Services:

  • Review orders for appropriate calculation setup
  • Perform calculations required for various garnishment types
  • Submit payments to appropriate ordering agencies
  • Supply required information to agencies
  • Keep abreast of changing legislation affecting wage garnishments

Workers Compensation Reporting (pay-as-you-go)

  • Helps eliminate large up-front premium payments
  • Minimizes over-and/or under-payments with premiums based on actual carrier rates and payroll data that is exact, not estimated.
  • Reduces impact of year-end audits
  • Decreases the risk of late payment policy cancellations by sending carrier payments on time.

Unemployment Management - Powered by Equifax

  • Appelate and hearing preparation
  • Benefit charge audit and verification
  • Insight management reports
  • Training and education


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