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Employee Benefits Online

An enrollment portal and carrier connectivity provides real automation.


Benefit Administration

Proliant offers a comprehensive benefit admin system that provides extensive automation for managing your employee benefits. Our enrollment portal makes it convenient for your employees to manage their benefits in real time through one central web-based system that can be accessed anytime. Our system helps employees better understand benefits and HR processes, make well informed decisions, and fully appreciate their benefits.

  • Allows your employees to compare, analyze, and check costs prior to enrolling in benefit plans.
  • Provides a consolidated benefits summary report that includes the coverage an employees selected in the associated costs.
  • Automatically and electronically delivers benefits information to each carrier, eliminating the need to manage multiple forms and manually enter data into multiple systems.
  • Increases the accuracy of your data and significantly reduces the amount of time you spend managing and communicating information.
  • Helps employees better understand the benefit and HR processes, make well informed benefits decisions, and fully appreciate their benefits.
  • Easily configurable to include the features and content most relevant to your company.
  • Easy for you to reconcile premium bills



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