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Applicant Tracking

An applicant tracking system shouldn’t be a second job.  Proliant’s ATS, Powered by Clear Company,  not only attracts the top candidates by instantly promoting your employment brand via social media and job boards, but it also brings the talent to the surface.  With automatic pre-screening and proprietary resume grading technology, our system automatically builds, organizes, and keeps up-to-date targeted pools of talent while you screen incoming applicants, solving the problem of resume overload!

Custom Requisition
Easy hiring collaboration gets hiring managers more involved through the creation or approval of custom requisitions, review of resumes, interview scheduling, and candidate notes, all directly from their email.

Source Value
Source and spend metrics ensure that you are investing your advertising dollars effectively.  Our system’s source-tracking function highlights job boards and agencies that are delivering the most qualified candidates for any and all positions.

Compliance Reporting
Compliance is a critical component of an applicant tracking system.  Our streamlined reporting process makes it easy to stay OFCCP/AAP compliant by automatically collecting the data you need to quickly generate flow-logs, EEO-1, and OFCCP reports.

Our system was designed with the mobile user in mind.  We can’t always get to our computer and need to rely on our mobile devices to keep processes moving.  Candidates can easily identify your career opportunities and apply via their mobile device.  Hiring managers also benefit from mobile optimization that allows for quick and easy requisition approval and candidate evaluation.

Recruiting and retaining top people is central to your success. Proliant’s ATS will position your company to attract top talent and hire in the most efficient manner possible.


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